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AppTrak Package

The complete Office Management System designed with the Independent Auto Appraiser in mind. AppTrak keeps track of all of your jobs and appraisers. It can manage your billing and store information for all of your clients, contacts, and body shops. This is the only program you need for all of your appraisal office needs!

Apptrak has been endorsed by the Independent Automotive Damage Appraisers Association (IADA), as the definitive Appraisal Management, Remote Connectivity and Digital Photography software solution. This endorsement represents the IADA's commitment to offering their membership an ongoing vision of the future and ensures that App Software Associates will continue enhancing the Independent Appraiser's productivity and profitability

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Become a Paperless Office

No more filing cabinets are needed. All jobs are stored and filed right on your computer system. With the use of digital photos and digital documents, along with email and ftp capabilities, AppTrak can send jobs to your remote appraisers and clients instantly. No more hassles with fax machines or traditional mail.

The Total Package

AppTrak allows you to create a single, complete report for each job. Combine all documents, photos, and estimates into one PDF file which you can send to your clients via email or a third party dispersal system, both of which can be done while in the AppTrak program. AppTrak includes uses for the following documents and reports:

EMS Information Exchange

AppTrak reduces redundant data entry by allowing you to import and export information quickly and seamlessly from the following Estimating Programs:

  • ADP PenPro®
  • Audatex®
  • CCC Pathways®
  • Comp-Est®
  • Mitchell UltraMate®
Communication is Key

Have remote appraisers? AppTrak gives you the ability to assign new jobs and send them out to your remotes whenever you feel comfortable. From there your remotes can handle their business and send the job back to the office through AppTrak with zero hassle to you or your remotes.

Pass it on

Do your clients request to see completed jobs on the web, rather than through email? AppTrak gives you both options. Send completed jobs and reports through email or let AppTrak post them to any of these sites:

  • CCC Autoverse®
  • Scene Access®
  • Process Claims®
  • E-Auto Claims®
  • N'Site®
  • Audatex®
Digitize and Specialize

AppTrak allows you to import and catalog digital photos and documents. Have printed photos or documents that need to be included with the job? Directly add them to the job with AppTrak's scanning feature. AppTrak works with most scanners and streamlines the scanning process so you don't have to worry about working with other programs to get your documents to go where you want them.

Customized Letters

AppTrak interfaces with Microsoft Word® and provides templates so you can create and customize status and contact letters while in AppTrak. Email them or print them out, it's up to you!

Log It

AppTrak maintains an Activity Log for each appraisal. This not only allows you and your appraisers the ability to know what is going during each job, but the Activity Log can be added to the appraisal report if your clients request it.

It Makes Cents

AppTrak includes a robust billing component. Generate invoices, receive payments, pay commissions, and monitor accounts receivable. AppTrak also lets you customize these features to your own billing procedures.


AppTrak runs on a PC using a Microsoft Windows® environment and works through a Windows or Novell office network.

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General Tab

Track all your information.
Maintain all your appraisals, clients, and invoices with just one application.

Estimate Tab

Perform estimates with ease.
It couldn't be easier to quickly complete all your estimates and billing.

Insured/Claimant Tab

Easily maintain your information.
AppTrak keeps your data at your fingertips by storing your claimant, insured, and owner information.

Vehicle Tab

Complete appraisals in a snap.
Track all your key information needed for vehicle and property appraisals.


Send information at a click of a button.
AppTrak allows its users to quickly send critical appraisal emails to insurance companies.

Send to

Track appraisal status anywhere.
By opting into the web application, users will receive the ultimate tracking experience by connecting and viewing the real time status of your appraisals.

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